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Yes, you can use Proptino Manager to run your residential and commercial property portfolio as it is a complete, inclusive and cloud-based software meant for landlords and other estate agents.

Yes, you can set up your Proptino Manager account on any device and view properties at your convenience

Yes, our software can handle multiple areas per lease. Multiple occupied areas can be set up and reflected within the same file.

The management of your maintenance tasks can be assisted virtually by the Proptino Manager dashboard. A complete list of maintenance requests and ongoing maintenance tasks and reminders for jobs that are overdue is also provided.

Proptino Manager works in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, India, UAE, Thailand, South Africa, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Nigeria and Canada.

Proptino Manager works best on all the browsers available. The client can access and browse the website from any desired browser.

Yes, your data is absolutely safe at Proptino Manager.

The tenancies and tenants are managed by the help of the Bird Eye Dashboard

Highly rated property management software

We run a highly rated and award-winning property management software that is completely suitable for letting agents, holiday renters, and landlords.